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Sprague v. Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc.: The largest defamation award in Pennsylvania history. The Beasley Firm sued the Philadelphia Inquirer and won $34 million on behalf of Richard Sprague, who was accused of quashing a murder investigation when he was acting as Philadelphia’s Assistant District Attorney. Tried twice, with the first verdict of $3.4 million, but when retried a different jury also found that the newspaper had intentionally harmed Mr. Sprague and came down with the record setting verdict: $2.5 million compensatory and $31.5 million punitive damages. This case lasted for more than twenty years and is a testament to The Beasley.

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Airbags Are Supposed to Protect You - Not Cause Damages

Over $2 Billion Awarded to Our Clients

Over the years airbags have become a mandatory safety device in all cars. Front airbags are meant to prevent a driver’s or passenger’s head from hitting the dash board, steering wheel, door, or windshield after an accident. Side airbags are installed to prevent blunt force trauma and serious internal injuries to vital organs such as the lungs, heart, liver, spleen and intestines. Unfortunately, due to the speed of airbag deployment and the chemicals used to inflate them, there is always the possibility that airbags can do more harm than good when there is a product failure or design defect.

The Beasley Firm has been representing injury victims since 1958. In that time, our Philadelphia airbag defect lawyers have taken on numerous cases, including those involving defective auto products such as airbags. We have $2+ billion in verdicts and settlements for clients in our nearly 60 years of practice and can put this same expertise to work for your case.

If you’ve suffered a catastrophic injury or lost a loved one due to a defective airbag, call on The Beasley Firm: (215) 866-2424.

Airbag Components That Have a Tendency to Fail

Vehicles manufactured after 2007 contain a smart airbag detection system. The smart airbag system is supposed to determine how much force is used to deploy the airbag based upon the weight of the passenger. Some systems utilize a sensor on the seat bottom to determine the weight of the passenger while others may use bladders filled with gel which typically tell the airbag controller not to deploy in a crash when a front seat passenger weighs less than 105 lbs. Many times due to variations in temperature or sensor defect, this system is tricked and you can have a non-deployment or over aggressive deployment of the airbag resulting in a death, spinal injury, brain injury, paralysis, internal injuries, significant internal bleeding, and even severe burns. Recently, many automobile manufacturers have recalled their vehicles due to computer glitches. Recent recalls include but are not limited to:

  • Chrysler
  • Grand Cherokee
  • Land Rovers
  • Range Rovers
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toyota
  • Honda

Airbags typically deploy at over 200 mph to protect the passenger or driver. Since airbags deploy so quickly, injuries such as burns, scarring, paralysis, blindness, loss of hearing, broken facial bones, severance of a body part, internal injuries, or even death are common. Our skilled airbag injury lawyers in Philadelphia were able to successfully prove in a recent case that the airbag in one of those vehicles was too powerful, and in a very minor impact collision with a pole that caused no damage to the vehicle, caused permanent blindness in a young college student.

How Can Airbags Be Defective?

Each year there are hundreds of deaths caused by airbags inflating in minor impact cases.

Some common airbag defects include:

  • Cheap or defective sensors
  • Inferior algorithms for deployment
  • Venting and folding defects
  • Improper airbags size or type
  • Lack of airbags
  • Failure to test airbags
  • Inadequate consumer warnings / failure to warn of known dangers
  • Non-deployment or inadvertent deployment of the airbag
  • Failure to incorporate technology that can reduce injuries

Our Philadelphia airbag defect lawyers have been involved in a case where a side airbag failed to properly deploy resulting in closed head trauma and significant brain damage to a once vibrant, hardworking mother of two children. As a result, the family will be left with millions of dollars of medical bills for treatment required over the victim’s lifetime. The husband of the victim is now also unable to work and must care for his two young children. This is where our firm comes in to fight for justice. Simply put, we win your battles.

Since 1958, the experienced Pennsylvania airbag injury lawyers of the legendary Beasley Firm have set the benchmark in product liability and airbag litigation. Our highly specialized teams have been awarded over $2 billion for our clients in our decades of practice.

Have you or a loved one suffered an airbag injury? Trust your case to the seasoned advocates at The Beasley Firm. Set up a free consultation today!

Over $2 Billion Won
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