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Failure to Diagnose Compartment Syndrome

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Jim Beasley Jr, Dion Rassias, and Jimmy Binns of The Beasley Firm represented a family whose triplet children were seriously injured, one of whom passed away, after a dump truck crashed into their school bus. The firm successfully resolved the case with accident reconstruction and expert testimony and were able to gain some closure for the family after this horrific accident.

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Compartment syndrome is a very serious condition that is caused by increased pressure within a muscle compartment. If not promptly diagnosed and treated, it could lead to a decrease in blood flow, nerve damage, muscle death, organ damage or amputation of a limb. We have represented clients who have had surgeries or accidents that unfortunately developed into a treatable compartment syndrome, that went untreated until it was too late and permanent, catastrophic injuries resulted.

At The Beasley Firm, our nationally-renowned lawyers work with doctors and nurses with years of experience to build a case that is well-prepared, well-tried, and that will give you the advantage. Our approach to medical malpractice has led to some of the largest medical malpractice jury verdicts in the history of Pennsylvania-$100 million and $55 million respectively-and recognition as a "Best Law Firm" in the field of medical malpractice.

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What Is Compartment Syndrome?

The arms and legs are made up of compartments. Thick layers of tissue, called fascia, separate the muscles, nerves and blood vessels. Underneath the layers of fascia are confined spaces called compartments. Because the fascia that surrounds the compartment does not stretch, any increased pressure within a compartment can squeeze or compress blood vessels, nerves, and muscles. If the pressure becomes too high, it can lead to a lack of blood or oxygen that can cause tissue injury or cell death. Compartment syndrome is usually seen in the lower leg and forearm, although it can also occur in the foot, thigh, hand, upper arm and abdomen.

Causes & Symptoms of Compartment Syndrome

Swelling that comes from trauma due to construction accidents, car accidents, soft tissue injuries, occupational injuries, crush injuries or fractures can lead to compartment syndrome. Symptoms of compartment syndrome include the following:

  • Severe Pain
  • Decreased Sensation
  • Numbness
  • Burning Pain
  • Decreased Movement
  • Pale Skin
  • Weakness
  • Shiny Skin
  • Swelling

Any patient that develops these symptoms after an injury should have the pressure measured within the compartment to diagnose or rule out compartment syndrome.

Treatment of Compartment Syndrome

If compartment syndrome is diagnosed, a patient may have to undergo a surgical procedure called a fasciotomy. This involves the surgeon making an incision to open up the compartment to relieve the pressure. Sometimes, the wound will be left open and covered with a sterile dressing for 48 - 72 hours and then closed with a skin graft. If a cast, splint or any other bandage is causing the compression, it should be removed or loosened to allow for swelling that will not compress the nerves, muscles and blood vessels.

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If you or a loved one have experienced compartment syndrome that was not properly diagnosed or handled by your doctor or physician, don't hesitate to enlist the trusted legal guidance of our exceptional attorneys. We take our attorney-client relationship very seriously and guide our clients based on years and years of education and expertise. In addition, we try to be available to the client and will even meet on weekends (when most other firms are closed) for client convenience. As the case proceeds, our clients can be confident that they will receive regular updates from our firm and benefit from our overall professionalism and dependability.

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