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Should Injured Athletes Get a Second Medical Opinion?

by The Beasley Firm  |  April 21, 2023  |  

Why Getting a Second Opinion May Prove Critical to Your Recovery

Sports injuries are a common occurrence, but for athletes making a full recovery is often essential to their livelihood. A misdiagnosis or missed diagnosis can delay an athlete’s recovery making it more difficult for them to return. Second opinions can help ensure that a diagnosis is accurate and treatment is immediate.

At The Beasley Firm, we work with injured athletes who have been harmed because of medical malpractice. For over 60 years we have been helping medical malpractice victims throughout Philadelphia receive the recovery they deserve. If you suffered a sports injury and suffered a delay in treatment or other harm after a misdiagnosis, contact our office at (215) 866-2424 to schedule a free consultation. 

Why Should Injured Athletes Get a Second Opinion?

Athletes often rely on medical professionals, such as team physicians, when they suffer an injury. Their recovery usually depends on a prompt and accurate diagnosis as well as a comprehensive treatment plan. Unfortunately, sports injuries can be easily misdiagnosed. A misdiagnosis can cause an athlete serious setbacks, delaying their recovery or causing complications.

A second medical opinion can help ensure that an injured athlete receives the correct diagnosis. It can help an athlete feel more secure in the initial assessment or it may confirm an athlete’s intuition that the first diagnosis was incorrect. It is generally within any patient’s right to receive a second opinion.

What Can Second Opinions Help Prevent?

Second opinions can help prevent a number of problems. Most importantly they can prove essential in an athlete’s recovery.

Second opinions can help prevent:

  • An incorrect diagnosis or a common misdiagnosis
  • A missed diagnosis
  • Complications
  • Delays in treatment
  • Delays in an athlete’s recovery
  • Long-term health problems
  • Permanent disabilities
  • Incorrect treatment plans

Seeking a second medical opinion should not be seen as questioning the original provider’s assessment, but rather confirming the diagnosis. A doctor should understand and encourage their patients to seek a second opinion if they are providing a sound treatment plan. 

What Are Commonly Misdiagnosed Sports Injuries?

Sports injuries can range in severity. Many times, the injuries are complex, requiring in-depth knowledge of sports medicine. A doctor who does not specialize in this field may be unable to make an accurate diagnosis given the unique pressures that an athlete’s body faces.

Commonly misdiagnosed sports injuries include:

  • A torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL)
  • Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs)
  • Patellar tendon tears
  • Rotator cuff injuries
  • Achilles tendon ruptures
  • Concussions
  • Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE)

Any pain or discomfort experienced by an athlete should be addressed immediately. Waiting for treatment can cause serious health complications and may be life-threatening. Athletes should also ask for a second opinion to ensure that they recover as quickly as possible.

Did You Receive a Misdiagnosis After a Sports Injury? Contact Our Office.

If you received a misdiagnosis after a sports injury, you might be entitled to compensation. Contact our office at (215) 866-2424 to determine whether you have a valid sports medical malpractice claim. Our attorneys will help you understand your rights and get the recovery you deserve. Call now to schedule a free consultation. 

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