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A Placental Abruption Can Lead to Seizures, Encephalopathy, Brain Damage and Cerebral Palsy.

The placenta is a structure that is formed early on during a pregnancy to help nourish and feed the developing baby. A placental abruption is a complication during pregnancy where the placenta starts to pull away from the uterus before delivery. If a ...

$135 Million Paid for Medical Malpractice Law Suits in Just One Year

Even though a monetary award will not return a person or their family back to the way their lives were before an accident or medical mistake, it can help them afford their current medical needs, treatments, and expenses. In 2011, New York City paid o ...

Can a G6PD Deficiency, High Bilirubin Level or Kernicterus Cause Cerebral Palsy?

Glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase deficiency (G6PD) is the most common enzyme deficiency worldwide and is when the body doesn’t have enough of the enzyme G6PD to help red blood cells (RBCs) function normally. This deficiency can cause an elevated b ...

Gestational Diabetes Can Lead to Birth Injuries and Cerebral Palsy

Gestational Diabetes is a complication during pregnancy where the blood sugar levels in the mother are too high. It is one of the most common pregnancy complications, affecting 2-5% of all pregnant women. Usually, it is diagnosed between the 24th&nbs ...

Does The Doctor Performing Your Surgery Have The Right Privileges At The Hospital?

A general surgeon, his surgical practice group, and a major medical center recently agreed to a $17.5 million settlement arising from a patient’s terrible complications following a botched hernia surgery. In the course of the surgery, the doctor, w ...

Whenever Radiation Therapy Causes Spinal Cord Injuries, Patients Should Investigate the Possibility of Malpractice

A recent edition of The Ethicist column in The New York Times began with a husband writing about his wife, who had “lost the use of her legs when radiation to shrink a growth destroyed part of her spinal cord.” The husband also wrote that he “[ ...

Is Your Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) Prepared to Treat a Home Birth Complication?

Not too long ago, The Los Angeles Times ran a story related to the safety of at-home births since there has been a 20 percent increase in women giving birth at home since 2004. In the article, it included a study conducted by the journal&nb ...

Does Your Doctor Know How to Diagnose and Treat Too Much Aspirin in the Body or Aspirin Toxicity?

An aspirin overdose can be accidental or caused by medication error. Not every patient that goes to an emergency room or doctor’s office with a high blood level of aspirin or salicylate was trying to harm themselves or commit suicide. Each yea ...

Is Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT) Due to a Medication Error or Medical Malpractice?

Heparin-induced thrombocytopenia (HIT) is when a patient develops thrombocytopenia, or low platelets, after being given the medication heparin. Heparin is a drug that it routinely given to patients in the hospital to thin out their blood and help pre ...

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but Doctors should be Aware of Breast Cancer Every Month

Sadly, this is not always the case. Each day, many women show signs of breast cancer that are ignored, untreated or attributed to something else. Here at The Beasley Firm, our full-time medical and legal teams have reviewed thousands of cases where t ...

When an Infant or Child is Overdosed on a Medication, it May Not Be Your Fault

When a doctor prescribes a medication and dose for your child, you trust that the dosage is right. Obviously, a pediatrician will not purposely poison your child, but may make a mistake in calculating the correct medication dose your child should rec ...

Compartment Syndrome Can Cause Damage to Nerves and Muscles or Lead to Amputation of an Arm or a Leg

Compartment syndrome is a very serious complication that involves swelling and increased pressure in an arm, leg, or even the abdomen. If compartment syndrome is not diagnosed and treated right away, it can lead to permanent nerve damage, muscle dama ...

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