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It Is Always A Good Idea To Check A Safety Harness Before It Is Too Late And It Causes A Neck, Spinal Cord Or Head Injury. Sadly Some Amusement Parks Or Carnival Operators Fail To Do This.

by The Beasley Firm  |  June 6, 2012  |  

Over the Memorial Day weekend, a young girl was at a Miami Florida Marlin’s major league baseball (MLB) game against the San Francisco Giants. At the ballpark, there was rock climbing wall that had been set up for the children that attended the game. This 11-year old girl was the first lucky child to scale the wall….or was she?

As she reached the top of the wall, her safety harness came loose and it dropped her 18 feet to the concrete floor below and caused her to hit her head on the ground. What was even more frightening is that her father was videotaping his daughter’s climb on his cell phone as she started to fall. As the father rushed to her as she laid unconscious on the ground, all he kept saying was “be alive, be alive.” Thankfully, she was, but had suffered a traumatic brain injury and was transported to the Holts Children’s Hospital in Miami. After the fall, the Marlin’s immediately closed the climbing wall.

The young girl appears to be dealing with the injury like a trooper. She said the worst part of the ordeal was that she had to wear a neck brace that was, “kind of like a dog with those cones over their head.” Since the accident, she has begun to slowly walk again but offers this little piece of advice to others, “just make sure several other people have gone before all of a sudden you go.”

Even though this brave young girl is making the best out of a bad situation, it does not diminish the catastrophic injury, pain and fear she had to endure due to a defective product. She, like many other children, are seriously injured or killed each year due to faulty or poorly constructed carnival rides, amusement rides or playground equipment. While her statement that let someone else go first to make sure the ride is safe makes sense, it is not the responsibility of the riders to make sure a ride or amusement attraction is safe. It is the responsibility of the themed park owners, carnival operators, or manufacturer of the attraction that is responsible to make sure all the rides and attractions are safe for use.

If you or your child was injured in an amusement park, carnival or on a fair attraction ride please feel free to contact one of our experienced ride and attraction injury lawyers, doctors, or nurses for a strictly confidential and free consultation. We are currently working on cases, some that have made both the local and national news media outlets, where other children or adults have been injured or killed on Ferris wheels, roller coasters and other amusement rides. It is not the responsibility of the paying customer to make sure a ride or attraction is safe, it is the ride owners and operators responsibility.

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