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Category: Personal Injury

Barbara Axelrod Wins Right For Family to Sue Nursing Home

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court invalidated a nursing home’s contract requiring residents to submit all claims to binding arbitration under the National Arbitration Forum’s Code of Procedure. After the mother was taken from the hospital to the nu ...

Parr v. Ford And The Real Source Of Junk Science In Rollover Lawsuits

Crashworthiness cases are among the riskiest and most challenging types of personal injury cases. They are time-intensive, enormously expensive (typically costing more than $250,000 in expert fees and other litigation costs), and difficult to win. Th ...

Darrin Manning And The Kinder, Gentler Philadelphia Police Department

Philadelphia’s Police Department has come a long way since the days of Frank Rizzo or and the MOVE fire bombing, but perhaps not far enough. As The Inquirer reports: Darrin Manning, 16, says his mind was on the game when he got off the subway ...

Six Flags Roller Coaster Death Proves “New” Doesn’t Mean “Safe”

One of our niche practice areas involves amusement park accident injuries. We currently represent, for example, the family of an 11-year-old girl who fell needlessly to her death from a ferris wheel in New Jersey. So when one of these accidents ...

New Jersey (NJ) Can Be A Deadly And Dangerous Place To Walk Or Be A Pedestrian. You May Get Hit By A Car.

A national report ranked the state of New Jersey (NJ) as the 21st most dangerous state to be a pedestrian or walk in. Transportation for America found that roads or highways in New Jersey frequently lack sidewalks or crosswalks, leaving walkers ...

If You Signed A Ski Resort Or Snow Tubing Accident Release Form Before Being Injured On The Slope, Can You Sue Or Have A Lawsuit?

Now that our first snow storm of the season is upon us, many are hitting the slopes to ski, snow board or go snow tubing. As with any other activity where there is a risk of being injured, many, if not all places of business will have patrons sign a ...

Can A Stomach Virus, Stomach Flu Or Food Poisoning While Pregnant Hurt Your Baby?

Most times, a stomach virus, stomach flu or food poisoning is not dangerous to your baby while you are pregnant. A pregnant mother who is vomiting or who has diarrhea while pregnant is treated with bed rest and fluids or admitted to the hospital and ...

When Are Homeowners Legally Responsible for Trampoline Injuries?

Earlier this week the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) again warned about the dangers of home trampolines, “discouraging home use of trampolines,” and collecting data showing that “Most trampoline injuries occur with multiple simultaneous u ...

Infant Botulism Is Not Only Caused By Honey, It Can Be Caused By The Dirt or Soil Around Your House.

Infant botulism is a potentially life-threatening condition where the bacteria Clostridium botulinum grows inside a baby’s gastrointestinal tract. The spores germinate into bacteria that reproduce in the intestine or bowel and release tox ...

Former Councilwoman Krajewski’s Defamation And False Light Case Reinstated by Pennsylvania Superior Court

Beasley Firm appellate attorney Barbara Axelrod is on a roll: last month she won a significant Pennsylvania Supreme Court case on behalf of a client injured by the reckless conduct of a ski resort employee, and yesterday she won an appeal before ...

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