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Category: Cerebral Palsy

How Physical Therapy Helps with Cerebral Palsy

There are various treatments that may be available for children with cerebral palsy. Of course, there are problems that may be experienced regarding the physical abilities of the child, but while the condition is curable, there are resources to help. ...

How Speech and Language Therapy Helps with Cerebral Palsy

One of the symptoms associated with cerebral palsy is the potential for the child to experience speech problems as they grow up. This can be problematic and impact the child’s ability to make a living and communicate properly. Luckily, there are re ...

How Occupational Therapy Helps with Cerebral Palsy

There are a lot of misconceptions about cerebral palsy and many feel as though it is a life-threatening condition. While it can and will have a tremendous impact on a child’s life, there are various resources available that can help to li ...

Can Cerebral Palsy be Caused Later in Life?

Many people wonder about various conditions, what can cause them, and when they can occur. One of those conditions is cerebral palsy. However, before you worry about the condition occurring at a later stage of your life, there are a few importan ...

How One Hollywood Celebrity is Showing You Can Live Life with Cerebral Palsy

For years, the show Breaking Bad was one of the most popular series on television. And while the main characters were a drug-dealing, chemistry-teaching cancer patient and his former student turned meth cook and dealer, there was another character wh ...

Determining if Negligence is Involved in Causing Cerebral Palsy

One of the biggest aspects of a case involving cerebral palsy is proving that some kind of negligence was the root of the causation. This can be confusing for many parents as there are various problems that can exist in gaining the necessary evidence ...

Physical and Mental Impact of Cerebral Palsy

When a baby is diagnosed with cerebral palsy, it’s important for the parents to recognize the overall impact to help ensure they know what to do moving forward. This means understanding the physical and mental impact associated with the disord ...

What Does a Cerebral Palsy Diagnosis Mean for a Child’s Future?

The moment you hear your baby, you should feel complete and utter happiness. However, that happiness can be quickly turned to concern the moment you hear that your baby is diagnosed with a serious condition like cerebral palsy. For many parents, this ...

All You Need to Know About Cerebral Palsy

During a time that is supposed to be the most joyous time for expecting parents, certain situations can turn it into a tumultuous event and there is a possibility that negligence causes the baby to suffer a birth injury. Unfortunately, this is someth ...

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