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Category: Birth Injury

3 Forms of Support for Parents Whose Children Suffered Birth Injuries

When a child suffers an injury at birth, the experience can be devastating for parents—even more so when that birth injury is permanent. In the wake of such trauma, it can be difficult for parents to move forward. There are, however, several suppor ...

Birth Injuries Due to Physical Trauma vs. Neurological Injuries

Any birth injury has the potential to cause great harm. Certain birth injuries, however, are more likely to require long-term treatment than others. The main factor that determines the longevity of a birth injury is how it was acquired. The ...

These Details Can Help Determine Whether You Have a Birth Injury Case

Knowing that your child suffered a birth injury can be devastating. What can be even more devastating is the knowledge that you do not have the finances or the resources to give your child the care they need and deserve. This is where a birth injury ...

6 Common Types of Birth Trauma

The birthing process does not always go smoothly. However, we rely on medical professionals’ training and experience to mitigate difficult situations. One such situation is birth trauma. Birth trauma is a general term used to describe cuts, fractur ...

Missed Developmental Milestones May Indicate a Birth Injury

When babies and children meet certain milestones, it’s a sign that they are developing normally. Several missed milestones, however, are a cause for concern. Below, our Philadelphia birth injury attorneys discuss what it may mean if your ...

Life for a Child with a Birth Injury

Life for a child with a birth injury can prove difficult—physically, mentally, and emotionally. What makes birth injuries even more devastating is that they are entirely preventable, and occur when medical professionals do not perform the ...

Treatment Options for a Birth Injury

Parents whose child has suffered a birth injury may wonder if there are any treatment options that can cure their child’s condition. Fortunately, there are wonderful treatments which, if promptly implemented, can significantly reduce the ...

Can a Mother Suffer Birth Injuries?

Contrary to popular belief, birth injuries do not only affect babies. Both the mother and the child are at risk of injury during the labor and delivery process. Below, our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys discuss the birth i ...

The Long-Term Effects of a Birth Injury

A birth injury refers to damage to a child before, during, or after the labor and delivery process. While some birth injuries may resolve on their own in days to weeks, others are lifelong. Below, our Philadelphia personal injury  ...

Is a Birth Injury Permanent?

Birth injuries can change the course of a baby’s life before it has even truly begun. While some birth injuries may resolve on their own in days to weeks, others are more permanent. Below, our Philadelphia personal injury attorneys discuss whi ...

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