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Category: Birth Injury

Can a C-Section Prevent Birth Injuries?

What is a C-Section? A Cesarean delivery (C-Section) is a surgical procedure to deliver a baby through an incision in the abdomen and uterus. Many C-sections are scheduled in advance, and in some situations, recommended if the mother had a prior C-se ...

What Is Birth Trauma?

It is common knowledge that giving birth can be very painful; for this, most expecting mothers are prepared. However, many people are unaware of birth trauma, a psychological condition occurring in the postpartum period that is very similar to post-t ...

Can Newborns Have a Stroke?

A perinatal stroke is, many times, the result of a blockage or breakage of a blood vessel in the brain. It can occur in the womb or within the first month of birth, resulting in brain damage. Sadly, the signs of a stroke in a fetus or newborn baby ma ...

Beasley Firm Case Study: Cerebral Palsy

The Unique Challenges of Birth Injury Cases Beasley Firm attorneys Jim Beasley Jr. and Lou Tumolo represented a little boy who suffers from cerebral palsy due to negligent labor and delivery management. The Beasley Firm has, for six decades ...

What Disorders Can Affect the Placenta During Pregnancy?

The Importance of the Placenta and Fetal Development The placenta plays a vital role in fetal development. Not only does the placenta provide your baby with oxygen, but it also delivers nutrients that your baby needs to grow and filters away fetal wa ...

Cephalohematoma vs. Caput Succedaneum

Understanding Birth Injuries to the Head While cephalohematoma and caput succedaneum are both birth injuries to a baby’s head, each has its own set of causes and symptoms. In most cases, cephalohematoma and caput succedaneum are not severe or life- ...

Signs and Symptoms of Cephalopelvic Disproportion

What is Cephalopelvic Disproportion? Whether it’s your first birth experience or your third, being a little nervous about your pending delivery is to be expected. The good news is, most deliveries happen without incident. However, in other cases, s ...

What Are the Risks of Prolonged Labor?

What is Prolonged Labor? Prolonged labor, also known as “failure to progress,” occurs when labor has stalled or moved slower than expected. Generally, if labor lasts for more than 20 hours (for first-time mothers) or more than 14 hours for women ...

What’s the Prognosis for a Child with Cerebral Palsy?

Some children with cerebral palsy can lead happy and fulfilling lives, while others require intensive, long-term care. It all depends on the nature and severity of the injury that caused the condition. Most cases of cerebral palsy occur when the chil ...

Postpartum Hemorrhage: Causes and Treatments

Mothers, in addition to infants, are susceptible to birth injuries. And, unfortunately, the United States is the only developed country in the world whose maternal mortality rate is rising, with an average of 17.4 maternal deaths for e ...

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