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Category: Auto Accidents

Tips to Help Prevent Auto Accidents in Construction Work Zones

Construction work is necessary in order to keep our roads safe for drivers year-round; unfortunately, when these projects are underway, construction work zones themselves pose significant safety risks to motorists and workers alike. More than 770 ind ...

FAQ: What Does It Mean for Pennsylvania to Be a No-Fault State?

In many states, nearly all car accidents that occur, the injured party goes through the negligent party’s insurance company to pursue compensation. However, the state of Pennsylvania operates in a different manner, based on a no-fault sys ...

FAQ: Do I Have to Report My Accident to the Authorities?

You’ve been involved in a serious accident. Now what? You may already know that you have to report the accident to your insurance company, but what about the authorities? Do you have to let the police know that you’ve been involved in a crash? Th ...

Do I Have to Provide a Recorded Statement to the Insurance Company?

You’ve been involved in a serious accident. You’ve sustained injuries and you have reported the whole situation to your insurance company. Now what? Unfortunately, you also have to deal with the insurance company who will be looking to limit thei ...

What You Can Expect in the Legal Battle After Suffering PTSD in a Crash

Legal matters can be complex. They’re daunting. Especially for individuals who have suffered serious injuries as a result of a negligence-related car crash. Nobody wants to encounter the legal system when concerned with the physical, emotional, and ...

What Happens When Someone Experiences a Trigger?

Triggers following a car accident or a traumatic experience are some of the worst things that a person can experience. They’re never predictable and it makes it difficult for the impacted person to do anything. In fact, some individuals g ...

Post-Traumatic Stress After a Car Crash: How Does It Affect Survivors?

The injuries sustained in car accidents are well documented. Plenty of people know how serious these situations are and the lifelong effects that come along with the injuries. However, did you know that physical pain is not the only thing that could ...

Warmer Weather Means Tire Maintenance to Prevent Blowouts

Have you ever driven past someone on the road who has had a tire blowout and wonder how it happened? Well, there are a number of reasons, but one of the most overlooked causes of a tire blowout is the heat. We don’t think about the heat as a potent ...

Why Medical Records After a Crash are so Important

After a crash, one of the most important steps a person can take is seeking medical attention. Regardless of whether or not you feel as though you are injured, getting medical attention does a number of things that can benefit you moving forward. It ...

Uninsured Driver Accidents: Who Pays Your Bills?

Auto insurance is required by law in every single U.S. state (except New Hampshire), and drivers must carry their state’s minimum requirements to legally drive a vehicle. In Pennsylvania, you’re required to have bodily injury and property damage ...

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