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Birth Injury: The Cost of Raising a Child with Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy refers to various disorders that affect movement and muscle tone as a result of damage to a babyโ€™s developing brain. In some cases, this brain damage can occur during pregnancy, labor and delivery, or immediately after birth as a result of negligence committed by physicians and other health care providers. Because these birth injuries are preventable, victims have the right to hold negligent medical professionals accountable for the harm they caused.

As a nationally recognized law firm for birth injury litigation, The Beasley Firm, LLC has handled numerous cases involving medical malpractice and cerebral palsy. Our work throughout the years has allowed us to see the profound impact cerebral palsy can have on the lives of victims and families, and how these preventable injuries can create numerous lifelong challenges โ€“ physically, emotionally, and financially. Itโ€™s why we are passionate about advocating for our clients, and why we have been successful in securing hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation in cerebral palsy birth injury cases.

Because movement disorders inherent to cerebral palsy are permanent, it is a simple fact that families will face considerable costs as their child ages. In fact, one study conducted by Medicaid found that medical costs of raising a child with cerebral palsy are approximately 10 times more than expenses associated with children who do not have disabilities. These costs include various expenses relating to medical care, daily living, and limitations created by a disability:

  • Medical expenses โ€“ There are direct medical costs associated with cerebral palsy, including doctorโ€™s appointments, prescription medications, in-patient treatment, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and medical devices. Depending on the nature and severity of cerebral palsy, these costs can vary, especially if daily assistance or long-term care is required. Because cerebral palsy also poses unique health concerns as a child ages, including chronic pain, arthritis, falls, and mobility issues, there may be additional medical expenses.
  • Non-medical expenses โ€“ Movement impairment can create a number of limitations for people with cerebral palsy, but various programs or accommodations can help them lead productive and active lives. However, special education, vocational or speech therapy, and home and vehicle modifications come with expenses.
  • Indirect costs โ€“ In addition to creating tangible expenses for medical care and accommodations that make daily life easier for children with cerebral palsy, there are also other long-term costs associated with the condition. This includes limitations for employment, which can reduce a personโ€™s earning potential and income. Families can also experience lost wages associated with having to care for a child with cerebral palsy.

Our focus on recovering the maximum compensation possible for victims and families is driven by our understanding of the substantial long-term costs associated with raising a child with cerebral palsy. As this breakdown makes clear, victims and families can face considerable expenses throughout their lives. However, they should never have to bear the burden of these financial costs when cerebral palsy results from a preventable birth injury.

By working closely with our clients to understand the nature of their childโ€™s condition and the full scope of its impact on their lives, we account for the full range of damages they experience โ€“ damages that can be recovered through the civil justice system. This means that in addition to reviewing past costs and damages associated with a birth injury, we also work diligently to project expected costs and damages, often with the assistance of medical experts who can provide insight into the unique challenges and issues a child with cerebral palsy will face as they age.

If you have questions about pursing a birth injury case involving cerebral palsy, your right to compensation, and how The Beasley Firm, LLC can help, do not hesitate to reach out for the compassionate and caring support you deserve. Callย for a free consultation.

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