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Jim Beasley Jr, Dion Rassias, and Jimmy Binns of The Beasley Firm represented a family whose triplet children were seriously injured, one of whom passed away, after a dump truck crashed into their school bus. The firm successfully resolved the case with accident reconstruction and expert testimony and were able to gain some closure for the family after this horrific accident.

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SUVs Can Be Dangerous

Sport utility vehicles, or SUVs-also called 4×4s, off-road vehicles, or four-wheel drives-are the modern-day station wagon. Unlike its ancestor, SUVs have a chassis built on a light truck frame that gives them high ground clearance. However, that high ground clearance can put you, your spouse, and your children in danger. Our legal team at The Beasley Firm is experienced in SUV rollover cases. We represent those hurt by defective or dangerous automobiles. When you speak with a car accident attorney in Philadelphia from our legendary team about your case, expect the highest level of counsel and representation.

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Why Are SUVs Dangerous?

In the blink of an eye, a vehicle rollover can forever change your life and the lives of your passengers. SUV rollover accident studies demonstrate that many of these vehicles are unsafe at any speed. Statistics show that there are more than 200,000 injuries and 10,000 fatalities due to rollover accidents in the United States every year. There are many questions that need to be answered for the families of those injured and killed in SUV rollover crashes. These accidents require a careful investigation by a skilled team of rollover experts and experienced product liability attorneys who can pinpoint the exact cause of the accident and which manufacturer or component manufacturer must be held legally responsible. Our team at The Beasley Firm has that level of experience. We leave no stone unturned. In one case that brought national attention, the Philadelphia rollover attorneys of The Beasley Firm negotiated a confidential settlement with a Detroit automaker. This was one of the largest cases in the United States concerning this particular vehicle and resulted in design changes and eventually the decision to stop manufacturing the vehicle entirely.

Proving SUV Design Flaws Heighten Rollover Risk

When it comes to automotive design, safety should never be just an option. The Ford Explorer was recently the subject of a rollover lawsuit that resulted in the largest-ever punitive damage award. This vehicle and many other SUVs like it are flawed in design. Marketing campaigns by automobile manufacturers try to promote the fact that SUVs are safe and family friendly. Our lawyers at The Beasley Firm can tell you that SUVs are anything but safe. We have successfully proven that SUVs are prone to tipping over even under normal driving conditions, since they have heavier bodies and higher centers of gravity. SUV rollover accidents are catastrophic and can cause major damage, including:

Choose The Beasley Firm for Representation That Won’t Back Down

Since 1958, the legendary attorneys at The Beasley Firm has fought against the world’s largest:

  • Automakers
  • Auto component manufacturers
  • Tire manufacturers

Our Pennsylvania car accident attorneys have secured some of the nation’s largest awards for the victims of SUV crashes and their families. The Beasley Firm is aware that manufacturers place unsafe vehicles on highways even when they know of the defects. Car manufacturers continue to sell defective vehicles, placing an emphasis on money in their pockets rather than your safety. In several of our cases, our experienced SUV rollover attorneys were able to demonstrate that even professional stunt car drivers had problems controlling SUVs while filming movies or commercials. In one of our rollover cases, our aggressive injury lawyers obtained outtakes from a commercial advertising the “toughness” of an off-road SUV. We found that trained stunt drivers had difficulty controlling these vehicles-the same vehicle that is advertised to you as the safest, most family-friendly car on the road.

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As the popularity of the SUVs increases worldwide, rollover injuries and deaths of uninformed and trusting consumers will increase also. Our SUV rollover lawyers understand what you have been through. We understand the medical expenses you face and the pain you or a loved one has experienced. We believe in holding the wrongdoers accountable. Our record of success speaks for itself.

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